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When you get that done, come back here and check out three more comic books with awesome #25 issues!

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T-Minus 50!


Mark your calendars! The release date of Teaching Is for Superheroes! is only FIFTY DAYS away!

May 31, 2023!!!*

*Let’s hope our supply of exclamation points lasts that long!

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For example, to celebrate 50 days left, here are five of my all-time favorite comic book #50 issues!

Don’t worry; we won’t do this for the next 49 days . . . although it is tempting. Gotta bottle up those exclamation points!

Drat! Somebody put that cap back on!

Tons of Teasers


Take a look at this cool collection of Comic Book Cover Teasers, recently shared on Twitter by professional comedian and comic book lover @FrankiePaul64:

My personal favorite is “War in the City of Toads!” appearing on the cover of Marvel’s Eternals #8 way back in 1977.

(Story and art by Jack “The King” Kirby – keeping it weird!)

Here’s another cover teaser shared in a Twitter reply by professional comic book writer Kurt Busiek:

I don’t know about you, but my curiosity is piqued. I want to read more! And isn’t that the purpose of comic book teasers?

Teachers, how do you “TEASE” your lessons?

We’ve talked before about using classroom “teasers,” including EXAMPLES for starting or ending lessons, as well as teasing–but NOT spoiling–students to learn more.

One pedagogical term that’s been around for decades is Anticipatory Set.”

You can find many resources about Anticipatory Sets (a.k.a. “hooks”) from credible online sources, including RESEARCH and EXAMPLES. Check them out, then TRY some out!

When applied effectively, anticipatory sets are powerful both in terms of supporting classroom management (routines and procedures) AND through enhancing instructional interactions (rapport, rigor, and relevance). The key is that qualifier: “When applied effectively . . .”

John Maresca, from Grand Canyon University, describes this issue in further detail:

“Many anticipatory sets miss the point. Simply telling students what they’re learning that day won’t interest them (unless the topic itself is that exciting to them); it’s best to think of a strategy that encourages engagement . . .” 

Here’s a nifty video that provides more ideas and suggestions:

Teachers, what are YOUR best ways to engage students and catalyze learning?

Maybe you call it something other than a teaser, anticipatory set or hook. What are your most impactful strategies or examples?

Speaking of TEASERS and ANTICIPATION, look for many more posts in the future about my upcoming BOOK, Teaching Is for Superheroes!

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